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2017-03-12, 12:01


Here I will show you how to make beads of paper

 The elongate beads are made of triangular pieces of paper, which I cut out the appropriate paper. You can use one color writing paper, wrapping paper or newspapers. 

pattern for the elongated beads

When you cut out your triangles, insert paper glue on the pointed bit of back and lets a short distance at the wide end be without glue.

Then you roll your piece of paper around a metal wire, knitting needle, round toothpicks or other suitable object. 

If you want to make the star-shaped paper beads on my image, so cut out the strips of paper. When I made these gray starbeads I cut out 21 cm long strips which was 1.2 cm wide.

strips for starbeads

Start the making of the star  with making a  knot at one end.

Then you should be careful to make it flat and all five sides equal in length.  
Then you turn the long piece of the pentagon until the paper runs out.

Then simply insert the last piece of the previous row.   Then pentagon look like this. 

You might have to trim the paperstrip a bit, for the last fold, so you can tuck it in to the earlier fold.

The next step is to form the star by pressing with a nail right on all sides.

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Hostess at Bead Craft

2017-11-16, 08:39

I have made a lot in other colors, too.

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