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Marinas Mix
2017-03-08, 19:05

New Here?

Welcome to our corner of the savvity-network

It is important to read and understand The Rules of conduct.
In each post there is a "like" button, click on this if you think that somebody wrote something good or uploaded a picture you like.
Then there are also the "Report" button. It should only be used if post violates  the rules. Not if you have a different opinion than the one who wrote the post. Within the first hour after typing a post is "Manage button." My advice is that when you posted your text, you go to the post and see if it looks good. Sometimes we write  longer post than what is seen in the box .
Do you have a question? Use the search feature on the site to see if someone else has already asked the question. In this way we avoid getting a lot of threads with the same questions and you get answers to your question faster.About the threads and their length: Remember that there are those who have older computers and slower connections. Therefore, our guidance on topics: In the gallery, with many images around 120 posts and in other threads, containing more text between 120 and 150 posts.
Linking: Quite all right, as long as it does not require the following link to the need to login to see the site / material (eg. Facebook). Such links will be immediately removed.
Advertising posts not approved by the site admin will immediately be removed.
Short  guide to the categories:
1.Jewelry News: Here we share the news of the site and updates from guys behind the network

2. Tips & Tricks: Here we collect smart tips that makes our beading easier, can be anything from a smart storage, to business cards and free software to your computer, which is related to the hobby.

3. Techniques: here you will find articles on various techniques. We highlight and compare different techniques.

4. Challenges: We will have something called Bead-A-Long. These can be found here. Would you then create your own challenge, either by giving someone a color combination, a word or an image to interpret and translate into some kind beadwork, here is where you do it. In this group, add even surveys and quizes.

5. Pricing / Exhibition / Sale: We craftsmen are not always so good at valuing our work and gladly put the price a bit too low. In this section you can add a picture of your creations and get advice and answers on how others would have thought about the pricing. There are also things you should consider when you're going to sell and how to find markets and where you can ask to have exhibitions.

6. Photo Gallery: Here you can create your own galleries and upload your images. With the description. Gratefully is if you mention: Technique, materials if you are a beginner / experienced and if you use a purchased or free patterns + who created the pattern. Here you can create several different threads of your writing. Are you involved in a Bead-Along, name the picture thread with your nick and Bead-A-Long (ex: Marinas Bead-Along). After the Bead-A-Long, you just create e new thread for the next Bead-Along.

7. Make your own beads: What do you do them for materials, polymer clay, lampworking, paper

8. Glass Fusing.

9. Store List:  Here you can write wich store you like, so other can find it to.

10. Book /Magazine tips: You can list and review books and magazines, you like to recommend

11. Member Presentations: Look in here and introduce yourself. Feel free to create your own thread, so everyone can welcome you


12. OT group: Here you can discuss blogs and other things that still is about beading. Want your blogg on the list? Here you can write a short description of the blog and the address there.

Hostess at Bead Craft

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