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Making a picture of prp (ironing beads)

It is fun making your own picture of prp. Here I will give you some advices.

Idias for making a picture
1 Making a picture

There are many ways to make a painting. 
You can place a transparent pegboard on top of a picture and fill in the beads by color. Sometimes the best result will be with with a round pegboard, sometimes it will be better with a squareshaped one. If you use squareshaped pegboards, you can use conectable. Then you can make big pictures. 
Another way is to use a paint program and pixels image to get a pattern you can use. 
A third way, which also makes it easy to get nice pictures, is to use PhotoPearls program. 
I have used it to make many of the pictures here. 
When you want to make a PhotoPearls picture, you can determine the size yourself. Small motifs can be Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, window decorations, and much more. 

If you want a design to fit exactly in a frame, you jst have to measure the frame and then generate a pattern that fits exactly.


2 Background

If you know where to hang your picture, you can choose the background to suit that particulary place.
Even if you use Photo Pearls, there is nothing that says that you can not use other colors. If you look at my Santa Claus pictures, you see that I used the dark blue pearls when I want a darker blue background.

3 Preparatory work

Maybe you want to make some changes to your photo or picture before you generate a pattern. In that case you can use your ordinary photo program. You can crop the image, change the background and enhance the colors or make other improvements.

Perhaps the picture will be more beautiful with more clouds, maybe you need to erase any disturbing detail or do anything to improve the design.

4 Shape

If you want to make a round or heart-shaped image, it may be easiest to make the pattern, make the frame and then determine the color of the background 
Do you have an oval frame, you measure the height and width, generating patterns, put the frame on to the pattern and draw the outline. Then place the pegboard as usual on your pattern, but add only pearls inside the line. 

5 The pegboards

The pegboards for PhotoPearls are easy to assemble and just as easy to disassemble. More than one person can make a picture.
It is easy to see a part of the picture and then continue the work.
You can pile up the pin plates while you wait for everybody to finish their part.
In order not to get ugly gaps, it is important that you have enough pegboards, so you can put together all before you glue the back on to the beads.

6 Ironing paper

In the starter kit there are two ironing paper.
You can use them when you make small motifs, which ones you want to iron together.

7 Adhesive sheets

Larger motifs can't be ironed together.
Then you can use the adhesive sheets. 
It is difficult to get a flat picture when the motif is large. Then it is better to use adhesive sheets. They are double-sided. Subtract the protection paper on one side and put the sheet on the subject and press so that the beads stuck properly. Then, one can draw the second protection sheet and fit the design. 

If you cut the adhesive sheets, so that each part fits to a pegboard, it will be easier to glue. 
This method is the easiest way to get a good result.

8 Final adjustment

When you are ready with your motif, you can put the pegboards together, take two steps backwards and take a good look at your art.
Then maybe you will notice, the picture will be better if you change a bead here and one bead there.
You are the artist. The program are there to help you making the picture.
When you are satisfied with the adjustments, it is time to glue.


9 Lying beads

Put same glue, ment for wood or plastic - appropriate for a few lines - on a cardboard disc and place beads sometimes horizontally, sometimes vertically. 
Even if you do not do the entire picture with lying beads, you can get nice effects with some beads placed lying.

10 Colors

The program does not know that a surface is to be sky, water or whatever it should be imagined. 
Therefore, the program sometimes sugest less appropriate colors. You're the artist, so you have to make the improvements you want. 
Do you have a bright sky, you get a proposal to use the light yellow beads. If you change them to light blue, then it is usually better. 
To a middleblue sky, the program maybe sugests that you use the gray beads. Try to replace them with light blue, pastel blue or pearl blue. Then you may be satisfied with the color. 
In the case of a deep blue sky or dark blue water, you can get the sugestion to use the dark purple beads. 
If you use dark blue instead the picture will look more natural. 
There are many ways to put your own stile on a picture even if you are using the PhotoPearl program. 
This is your picture, your art and you determine how it should look like. Then you can also choose the colors you want. 
Since PhotoPearl includes rose (PP18), old rose (PP25), light red (PP19) and Wine-red (PP4) I often some to red. Would you like to have more shades (nuances) in the series, there is also pink.

11 Economy

I often hear about the economy, that the beads do not cost much, but the frames and backboards are expensive. 
But when you can make a nice pictures, then you can mount it also. 
New picture frames cost a lot, should you special order size also, it makes it expensive. 
I have made about 300 PhotoPearls pictures.
In the beginning, I bought new picture frames, but in recent years I have begun to buy frames at flea market. Then I have many to choose from, when I do a new picture. If I want my image not to fill up the whole frame, I can glue it on white or colored cardboard disc. An inexpensive way to get a colored paperboard is to dress a cardboard disc with wallpaper. Heavy cardboard, I get to take care of of the cartons, which goods are supplied in.

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