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2017-02-20, 16:17

Jewelry displays

How to make your own display

Do not think you can have too many of them. However, I think this is one of the most boring thing to spend money on. But I need them to show my jewelery.

With a little time and patience and a lot of Help from a good friend I finally got this product.

When all the pieces are sawn. I painted them black and varnished them, so they will stay fresh longer.

So when paint and varnish is dry assemble them together and dress them with velvet or other fabric to fit. I was fortunate to find a large piece of velvet at the flea market. So I could dress my displays. My first display is a bracelet holder. I call it “The bracelet dachshund”

I made this one with some empty toiletpapperrolls, some old wallpaper, and a piece of velvet, some wood, black paint and varnish

I started by wrapping the thoilet rolls with wallpaper, to get it  thick enough for the  bracelets to hang nice. The length and height of the "Dachshund”, you decide (mine is 60cm wide totally (actual roll is 51cm) and 13cm high).This is only suitable for bracelets with a clasp.


Next display, is a low wide one for necklaces, I used a piece of plywood. To get the measurements right,  I used some of my necklaces.

Here you will need:
Masonite / plywwod (43cm wide and 30cm high)
Some kind of board to make the backbones with.
Color + lacquer
Thick cardboard
Velvet or other fabric
Staple gun

When you cut the backbones, make sure it will be a good angle. So the display is tilted, for the best display of your jewelry.

And the earring display: As above, but put it the other way. I used some old goldcolored chains to hang the earrings

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