About Bead Craft

Wishing you all welcome to our corner of the savvity network.

On Bead Craft, we focus on matters pertaining beads and beadwork.
We take up different techniques and what can be made of beads, Such as jewelry, decorations for the home and clothing.

We are happy to share our creations, to inspire others. We also have competitions and challenges now and then to find an outlet for creativity and create a great atmosphere inside the site.

My name is Marina and I´m the hostess at this site. If you have any questions, want to write articles or perhaps missing something on the site, please feel free to send me a message!

I hope you will find answers to your questions and enjoy your time on the site and perhaps meet new friends who share your interest in beads and. Wish you share with us what you think is fun and educational.

We hope you will Contribute your favorite tip for this to be an active, fun and nice site. Remember, no question is too silly to ask, everyone has different experiences and through this we can help each other get better beaders.